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LIVING FORCES //  body-fed building tracking exploration




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 barcelona brief + beyond 



Our developments will be feeding the subsequent (tentative) LaN exploration in the mountains of Peru September 17-25 as the LaN team treks to a basecamp at 15,500′. As such your participation @Barcelona will provide you direct access to all shared files & documentation in Peru. LaN has also recently confirmed our 90 minute workshop @ Stanford’s MedicineX conference late September; we will be attending a self-tracking symposium as well as the full-conference and will be documenting our experience to share with our Barcelona participants.

  • Why is LaN pursuing  body data tracking and becoming insistent on its relevance to advancing architectural design strategies? Conversely, why are designers becoming increasing powerful collaborators in medical realms?

LaN’s current explorations are driven by a brief we have titled in 2012 ‘LIVING FORCES‘.  Continuing on a quest to guide our endeavors increasingly science-like and field-based–  LaN is curating experiences with further diverse people / places and technological resources.

LIVING FORCES is building off our prior ‘LIVE FORCES’ agenda whereby our energy focused on understanding how designers could capture, visualize and respond to differential (often invisible) environmental forces and led us to look within the custom sail-making industry for insight.

In recently realized projects and forwarding discourses we began to recognize perhaps a misaligned focus on these environmental forces as an ‘entity’ rather than a dynamic factor who’s impact on the human body is what truly matters more than the rendering of or responding to the forces themselves. Arguably the human species simply cannot care to invest in an ecosystem in which we no longer exist; what matters most is our ability to enable human-life to thrive.  There is no doubt that human health is reliant on our environment.  Nevertheless we see an urgent need to turn our tools to ourselves placing greater emphasis on understanding our human health and in turn giving it an unprecedented prioritization in design strategies.

Body data tracking may reveal the extent to which individuals perceive environmental forces differently despite our similarities in internal make-up. Ultimately we are attempting to highlight the use of software and sensing devices (digital technologies) to further enable our extraordinary sensoring abilities  (physical capacities).

  • # crafted-nature of data collection; how one can utilize the website COSM; photographic image data; Arduino & DIY sensor making; collaborative aspects of digital fabrication; data management; kml / gpx tracking; self-tracking (body data); terrain modeling & milling (explorations in Rhino/RhinoCAM); grasshopper parametric modeling + gHowl demos



trek / track  _ MONTSERRAT

Montserrat is situated approx 30 miles away from Barcelona, and is easily accessible by train for 18 euros RT including cable car ride.

Our day travels allow us to test our tech (and our bodies) on some memorable terrain…








*ultimately your LaN experience is driven by your needs / curiosities – you will be able to switch tracks as desired


  • lecture / discussion / demo emphasis for this track
  • professionals + academics from various fields seeking wide exposure over building myopic software-specific training
  • individuals with digital + physical interests but little experience or  desired focus to be the technical know-how but rather manage integration of such practices in one’s work / office / academic setting
  • fabrication lab / instructional /experimental emphasis 
  • those with technical inclinations seeking hands-on DIY sensor building experience + hands-on  cnc machine operation




*final tutor line-up dependent on # of participants / will include at minimum 2 




LaN is pleased to arrange an economical group accommodation with sufficient interest expressed >>




Barcelona Airport: BCN ‘Aeroport del Prat’
  • located a mere 14km from the city center
  • train / bus / cab options (to be posted)



  • sensoring devices *should you have any handy…  heart rate monitors / gps / temperature / blood pressure /oximeter
  • mobile technologies–camera / laptop / ipad / smartphone/scanning technologies
  • trekking gear– shoes / athletic clothing





Local and international participants alike are responsible for ensuring their safe participation which at times includes use of automated machining devices in which mistakes & negligent use of can lead to bodily injuries. Please be certain you have access to medical care in the unlikely event you would need such care.




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