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image credits: student work University of Hawaii – Liem Tran / Chase Kumakura

DWTN HONOLULU  //  OCT  24-25-26  2014

This workshop will focus on the potential to design in parallel with CNC fabrication technologies. RhinoCam will allow participants to simulate milling effects in the friendly Rhinoceros environment. Instruction will encourage how to add design value while managing economies of time and material. Participants will be introduced to an array of real world examples where a clear understanding of production parameters has driven design potential. Workshop participants will engage hands-on with a CNC 3 axis Router and collaborative manage the fabrication of a design entity. Fabrication will exercise the feedback loop between design & production.

  • Generate tool-paths for CNC milling operations via RhinoCAM for 2d & 3d machining operations

  • Learn about tool-bits, speed settings, orienting your material on the table, running a file and troubleshooting possible errors

  • Simulate and explore a range of creative output possibilities with the ability to save  files of cut geometries for visualization and/or future Rhino modeling use

  • LaN will share some of our favorite ways to continue to challenge your design-to-milling skills on your own

  • Participants will receive a online web access to review select exercises from workshop

  • No previous experience required; please bring your laptop capable of running Windows. All software utilized is available via free trial downloads

Registration Fee:

  • $259 professionals

  • $199 – students { enter discount code at checkout ‘199’ }

Schedule:  9 hour course

  • OCT 24 –  (TBA 3 hrs)
  • OCT 25 –  (TBA 3 hrs)
  • OCT 26 –  (TBA 3 hrs)



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