‘3D ADVENTURES: DESIGN FOR FLOOD MATTERS’ for ages 13+ #3d printing #3d modeling #field & lunch sessions w/mentors


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DIGITAL DESIGN + FABRICATION   #3d printing #3d modeling #visual programming   RESILENCY #critical design factors of future city planning FIELD SESSIONS w/ TECH + ADVENTURE-PRENEURS   #geometry from a climber’s perspective   LUNCH WITH MENTORS AT INNOVATION CENTERS  #entrepreneurs #startup community builders #designers

EDventure track 1.0 //  MATTER OF FLOOD DESIGN   Addressing the global issues of environmental resiliency, this 5 session workshop commencing mid September explores multi-scale design potentials for shaping the future of Boulder arising from aspects of the 2013 historic flood. Participants will learn digital 3d modeling tools providing the means to analyze data and explore geometric design processes to create proposals for change of various storm implications– from design of creek banks and evacuation routes to overlapping civic recreational potentialities. Mornings will focus on fieldwork — gathering information to use in afternoons problem solving/design sessions. Afternoons at innovation centers, will utilize design tools (programs and 3-D printers) to prototype solutions. Lunches will be spent with local entrepreneurs who have translated their “what if” ideas to sustainable businesses.

  • No previous skills required
  • Laptop not required; please bring if you have one
  • Schedule TBD spring 2015
    • session 1: TBD spring 2015
    • session 2: TBD spring 2015
    • session 3: TBD spring 2015
    • session 4: TBD spring 2015
    • session 5: TBD spring 2015
    • session 6: TBD spring 2015 

Advances in digital design have come at a blinding pace in the past two decades, and offer powerful means for the artist or designer to model an idea quickly and exactly on his or her computer. Even more recently, small-scale fabrication machinery (‘3d printers’) have become cheaper and more accessible, allowing the designer to “sculpt”  that concept-model in three dimensions quickly and cheaply. We introduce students to this fascinating process by teaching them how to develop their ideas into digital models using intuitive visual programming software, and then printing the resulting model in 3 dimensions and in real time.

This workshop integrates geometry, spatial-thinking, 3d digital modeling and visual programming in a hands-on, creative and collaborative real-world experience. Participants will join the ranks of industrial designers, architects, inventors, and hobbyists everywhere who are realizing their own creative visions in 3-d material reality in a way previously not possible.

” Digifab workshops for high schoolers (and middle schoolers) expose kids to some of the innovative processes that are out in the world.  It exposes them to new ideas and opportunities that can open their eyes to new ideas about academic interests and possibilities for the future.  My son was involved and it has been a great catalyst for cementing his passion for design.

–RICHARD H. EPSTEIN, AIA LEED AP principal re: architecture


Workshop Instruction by  LaN / LIVE ARCHITECTURE NETWORK



MONIKA Wittig   Workshop Director / Instructor

Director at LaN >



RON Shvartsman  LaN Instructor >

Design Technologist at FENTRESS >





CARLOMARIA Ciampoli  LaN Instructor >

Senior Designer at Visioning, Brands & Experiences STANTEC >




  TIM O’Shea  Community Builder / Information Technology


HOUSE OF GENIUS >  Boulder City Director



 REBECCA Savage  Lawyer for early stage companies






   MICK Follari  Alpinist / Rock & Ice Climber / Photographer

FOLLARI > Photography Video & Web Development


Virtual Mentors


LARKIN Carey  

BALL AEROSPACE Optical Engineer working on 
BOULDER EMERGENCY SQUAD Technical Rescuer, Quick Response Vehicle Operator, Personnel Director, on the Board of Directors, and a Swiftwater Rescue Instructor  [row]MUDSLINGERS / SKYSIGHT / IGNITE BOULDER  Co-creator

Climber, slackliner, community creator, all in for new ideas & changing the world!

BOULDER based @LarkinBC   larkinflight.com


JOEL Wishkovsky  

EDventure_JOELJoel is an innovative entrepreneur and a leading voice in the mass-customization, 3D printing and internet of things space. He’s the founder of SOLS SYSTEMS, a pioneer in 3D printing of medical devices and CARD GNOME which was an early adopter of digital printing. He is obsessed with bridging the digital and physical worlds through disruptive technology and is an advisor and mentor to cutting edge early stage companies.
Previously Joel was part of GENERAL ELECTRIC‘s prestigious IT leadership program (IMLP) and it’s financial and operational auditing program (Corporate Audit Staff). During his time there he focused on leading large scale IT implementations and doing financial and operational audit work of GE businesses with a specialty around acquisition integrations.
Joel is also an avid mountaineer, backpacker and traveler who has visited more than 40 countries and only been excluded from one.

NYC based   @JoelWish  joelwish.com


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