RHINO 3d nurbs modeling lev 1


Product Description

3 SESSION COURSE  //  For beginners and novice users looking to grow their 3d modeling experience in Rhinoceros 5.0 with an emphasis on competent digital modeling for designs intended to become physical creations.  Sessions will introduce approaches of modeling for clean control of geometry that in turn enables you to explore a wider creative range of constructible design outcomes.


downtown BOULDER // September 23 / 25 / 27  Tue + Thu 6-9p; Sat 1-4p

Even those previously able to model in Rhino will now focus on commands and strategies relevant to cleanly controlling curving geometries. LaN integrates your modeling approaches– giving participants an understanding of surface types and how they can be ‘rationalized’ into constructible components.  

LaN integrates “parametric thinking” in exercises introducing basis of iterative approaches emphasizing fundamental changes from top-down design to bottom-up development. LaN highlights 3d digital modeling is most powerful when one allows the modeling process to guide the design development instead of simply representing a previously envisioned idea. 


  • navigate with ease and realize how to explore depth of command options
  • model between 2 & 3d geometries with ability to manipulate cleanly
  • understand fundamentals driving surface modeling– NURBS
  • gain a solid perspective of ways to progress modeling on your own or with our subsequent sessions
  • be on your way to designing via ‘parametric thinking’ and become familiar with relevant project examples
  • ability to utilize import / export options and know where to turn for supplemental features (i.e. loading a script)

req’d:  laptop / download & install free Rhino 5.0 trial software >

(one loaner laptop available)



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