LaN @ SOLIDO 360 prototyping – ROME

Since 2009 LaN has enjoyed collaborating with the fabrication shop SOLIDO 360 prototyping run by Filippo Moroni. Through 2011 LaN directed workshops as visiting faculty at IN/ARCH for which we began increasingly integrating emphasis on fabrication and teachings by Filippo. In 2012 LaN has joined plans of SOLIDO’s to open a collaborative space involving a range of designers & fabricators. LaN is excited at the prospects of establishing a continual presence in Rome alongside some of the city’s most advanced digital fabricating facilities.

Currently SOLIDO houses an array of fabrication technologies including: 5 axis CNC milling, 3d printing, fused deposition modeling & 3d scanning services. Founder Filippo Moroni’s collaboration in LaN ROMA workshops fuses design perspectives with an industry understanding by driving home the stance of technology in architecture now enabling designers to communicate with clients in REAL TANGIBLE & DATA-DRIVEN mediums over surreal renderings– thereby encouraging designers to hone their energy on a design’s effectiveness (understanding geometry in relation to fabrication) and not the previously time-consuming rendering of ‘effects’.

Below you can view some of SOLIDO’s equipment in use as well as workshop designs that emerged from the 3D printing powder.  For prototyping in Italy, LaN recommends you contact:

SOLIDO Via Flaminia 82, 00196 Roma  /  /  +39 06 32540694

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