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06.2015  (Barcelona SPAIN)   IAAC – Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia  1 of 3 invited keynote speakers for 10 year alumni symposium

06.2015  (Palo Alto USA)  Stanford University – School of Medicine – MedXMakers launch event Organizer / Moderator of guest speakers

10.2014  (Boulder USA)  University of Colorado – ENVD program Alumni presenter on professional endeavors since graduation

09.2014  (Palo Alto USA)  Stanford Medicine X Conference: Moderator of panel sessions on Future of 3D Printing in Medicine

11.2013  (Honolulu USA)  University of Hawaii: PAN Parametric Architecture Night sponsored by AIAS

10.2013  (Palo Alto USA)  Stanford Transformative Learning Technologies Lab: FABLEARN Conference

04.2013  (Kansas City USA)  Kansas City Design Week: Living Forces

09.2012 (Stanford USA) Stanford University School of Medicine: Medicine X Conference (The Intersection of Medicine & Emerging Technologies) – ‘BODY-FED DESIGN’

04.2011  (Boulder USA)  Boulder Green Building Guild’s Footprint Radio  ‘Keeping up with Design Technology’ (Radio Interview link

03.2011  (Denver USA)  University of Colorado (lecture to a graduate digital fabrication course) ‘Prototyping the Practice of Live Architecture’

11.2010  (Boston USA)  Wentworth Univ. AIAS sponsored ‘Prototyping the Practice of Live Architecture’

11.2010  (Ft Lauderdale USA) Museum of Modern Art AIAS sponsored:  ‘Architectural Response: live tectonics’

07.2010  (Medellin COLOMBIA)  FABLAB Colombia:  Flow Workshop (virtual lecture)

03.2010  (Santo Domingo DOMINICAN REPUBLIC)  Univ. Iberoamericana:  ‘Architectural Response’

03.2010  (Santo Domingo DOMINICAN REPUBLIC)  Desde El Medio Dia – LaX 102 (radio interview)

06.2009  (New York City USA)  AIA Technology Series: ‘Live Design: case studies of a parametric practice’

05.2009  (San DIego USA)  NewSchool of Architecture & Design: ‘Design Fabrications’

02.2009  (Albuquerque USA)  Univ. of New Mexico: ‘Live Architecture’

01.2009  (Denver USA)  AIAS National Forum: ‘Real Live Design’

11.2008  (Istanbul USA) YEM Building Center: workshop presentations to invited critics including Ministry of Health – Turkey / invited critics / public

04.2008  (Boulder USA)  Univ. of Colorado – CINC (Center for Innovation & Creativity): ‘LaN Work’

12.2007  (Eindhoven NL)  Univ. of Technology – Tectonics Conference: ‘Plasti+city’

09.2007  (Bozeman USA)  Montana State Univ.: ‘Plasti+city: parametric plastic pavilion’

09.2007  (Boulder USA)  Univ of Colorado: ‘Plasti+city: parametric plastic pavilion’

2008 – present  (Boston / Rome / Boulder / Denver / San Francisco)  Pecha Kucha Presentations (20 slides x 20 seconds @ large public gatherings)

/// LaN organized public speaking events 

08.2011  (Bozeman USA)  ‘LIVE FORCES NIGHT’ Pecha Kucha Powered curation of 8 multi-disciplinary speakers including LaN presentation on theme ‘LIVE FORCES’

11.2010 (Rome IT) Pecha Kucha Night Rome: co-establishment of Rome chapter via organization of innaugural event

08.2010 (Bozeman USA) Montana State Univ: virtual lecture & final review critique by Michael Silver

08.2008 (Barcelona ES) LaN @ IAAC (Institute for advanced architecture of Catalonia) Workshop lecture – by representative from Kuka Robots

09.2006 (Denver USA) Univ. of Colorado: lecture by Michael Silver