2010/10/24 / gHowl components update

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The new version of the gHowl component set for GrasshopperRead the rest are available for downloading.  This version adds functionality to the existing c


2009/10/02 / Alternate Interface: Control Grasshopper from iPod

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Current exploration into alternative interfaces for presenting and interacting with associative models.  Here we see two examples of comm… Read the rest

2009/07/24 / Maya Fluid to Grasshopper via UDP

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In a collaboration with Shajay Bhooshan, Autodesk Maya 2009 can communicate with McNeel’s Rhinoceros::GrasshopperRead the rest.  The work on co

2009/07/22 / Grasshopper <-> Processing v2: Live Input

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Video on Grasshopper3d… Read the rest
Here is an example of continuous data being fed into Grasshopper from Processing via the User Datagram Protocol (UDP).