LIVE FORCES   more digital++ more physical+++

6 day workshop on digital design & fabrication hosted by Istituto Nazionale di Architettura ~ Rome

CO-INSTRUCTORS // _ SOLIDO / Filippo Moroni  _ CO-DE-IT / Andrea Graziano  _ LAN / Monika Wittig   _


  • The   workshop  will  explore  the  implications  of  digital  design  &  fabrication- –   specifically  how  recent tool  advancements  are  to  be  seen  beyond  that  of  their  technical  caliber- –   reaching  more  significantly  into  changing  our  understanding  of  the  architectural  design  process  as  far  more  fluid/adaptable  &  collaborative (via digital platforms).  The  notion  of  the  ‘standard’  in  building  practices  will  be  pondered  as  new  understandings of  building  complex  geometric  form  futher  enable  a  site- specific  form  generation  and  ‘mass- customized’   building  components.
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  • The workshop will introduce the of custom technologies of the boating industry  (specifically sail making) to aid the understanding of what it means to design ‘parametrically’ in architecture, especially as it relates to the fabrication of complex geometries, performance-based design, and response to dynamic natural forces (i.e. wind). *a site visit to a local manufacturer is currently under consideration
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  • Hands- on  prototyping  will  reinforce  the  notion  that  we  are  no  longer   seeking  nor  believing  in  only  one  viable  solution  but rather crafting our data to drive iterative outcomes within material & production constraints- –   emphasizing  the  developing  of  digital  tools  is  in  fact not  removing us  further from  the  physical  world  but  rather increasing our  physical  aptitude.
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  • LaN  professional work & academic agendas on  the  theme  of  ‘live  forces’ will be shared including  parametric  snow  fence  studies,   wind  studies & industrial automated fabrication techniques from international fabricators.

Days 1-5  //  OCT 17-21

  • 10a-1p @ IN/ARCH   ~ LaN lectures on design-to-production & Instructional worksessions: Rhinoceros / Grasshopper / Rhinocam
  • 3-6pm  @ SOLIDO    ~ Hands-on fabrication & automated fabrication equipment overviews: 3d scanning, 3d printing, 3 & 5 axis milling

Day 6 // SAT OCT 22

  • 12-5p @ SOLIDO CNC production
  • 6pm informal review @TBA

// workshop instruction by:

LaN // Monika Wittig –  Co-founder Monika currently explores the collaborative potential of digital design + fabrication practices as Co-Director of LaN Monika directs LaN workshops internationally in collaboration with local fabricators as well as serving as visiting faculty at Montana State University IN/ARCH – Istituto Nazionale di Architettura(Rome). She holds a postgraduate degree in Digital Architecture Production from IaaC (Institute for advanced architecture of Catalonia, Barcelona)and has studied at AA (Architectural Association, London) & The University of Colorado. Monika credits her early architectural experience with the practices OMA-NY (now REX), ReD,  and collaborative experience with Vicente Guallart Architects

SOLIDO // Filippo Moroni – founder

CO-DE-IT // Andrea Graziano – Co-founder  / DigitAG& blogger ] Architect Andrea Graziano runs an architectural practice in Pinerolo (TO), and the renowned “DigitAG&” blog about digital tools, generative design and scripting techniques, with a tooth for computational design into architecture and sustainability. He is member and co-founder of “Co-de-iT – Computational Design Italy”, which is currently engaged in teaching workshops about use of digital tools into architectural design and consultancy work.

// fee

The cost of the workshop is 450.00 euros including VAT (20%).

// registration

External participants are permitted; space is limited

register via payment online with paypal:


// location

Morning sessions are hosted by IN / ARCH via Crescenzio 16, Rome. Each participant has exclusive use of a PC.

Afternoon fabrication sessions will be hosted by SOLIDO and instructed by owner Filippo Moroni