Digital Fabrication Seminar with hands on machine experience sponsored by CLUB WORKSHOP

Week 1: Sunday March 13 Laser Cutters and 2-d Subtractive Fabrication
Week 2: Sunday March 27 3d Printers and Additive Fabrication
Weeks 3 and 4: Saturday April 2 & 9 CNC mill / router and 3-d Subtractive Fabrication

LAN is continuing the Boulder / Denver Seminar series, and will be offering a seminar during the month of March that focuses on digital fabrication and physical production of digitally designed Rhino projects. Participants will get hands on experience with the use of 3 of the most widely used machines in the area of Digital Fabrication: the Laser Cutter, 3d Printer, and CNC Mill / Router.   Classes will be held every week in Denver’s CLUB WORKSHOP where we will explore the possibilities that are offered by digital fabrication technology.  While many classes and fabrication facilities do not allow hands on use of machines by students, we feel this is a great opportunity for participants to learn the use of the machines by physically fabricating their designs.



SUN MARCH 13 (Denver Boulder combined) at Club Workshop in Denver  4 hours

  • The first week will be used to explore the possibilities of the laser cutter.  Students will work with flat-panel material to create complex surfaces out of simple pieces.  Models will first be designed in Rhinoceros software, then prepared for the laser cutter.  Each participant will then receive hands on instruction with the laser cutter, and will fabricate and assemble their design.

week 2 3D PRINTING

SUN MARCH 27 (Denver Boulder combined) at Club Workshop in Denver  4 hours

  • 3d Printing is perhaps the most rapidly growing area of digital fabrication.  New 3d printing technologies are being developed daily that are capable of printing everything from small, complex parts, all the way to the scale of buildings.  We will lecture on where this area of fabrication is headed, and students will learn how to model solid geometries in Rhino for 3-d printing.  We will use the 3d printer at Club Workshop, an FDM (Fused Deposition Modeller) printer which prints usable plastic parts.

week 3 CNC MILL 1

SAT APRIL 02 (Denver Boulder combined) at Club Workshop in Denver  4 hours

  • The CNC router is possibly the most exciting area of fabrication, as one can produce full scale prototypes with real world construction materials.  We will spend 2 weeks covering the various aspects of milling, including creating toolpaths and material effects, as well as mold making and 3d milling of surfaces.  Participants will get a chance to run the mill, get dirty, and fabricate!


week 4 CNC MILL 2

SAT APRIL 09 (Denver Boulder combined) at Club Workshop in Denver  4 hours


Seminar Cost:  $295 (by SUNDAY MARCH 06)

Returning participant discount…

For participants of our Boulder / Denver February Seminar:  $150 (by MARCH 01)


Materials and machine costs included in registration fee.