These images document some of the moments throughout the Architectural Association Shanghai Visiting School 2010 which tool place from August 13th through the 22nd.  Thanks to Tom Verebes for inviting a great group of tutors to lead the 70 participants through the Post Shanghai Expo Brief.  In all the paticipants were divided into 5 units which focused on specific tools and methodologies in order to generate solutions for logical growth and redevelopment of the Shanghai Expo Site.


Unit 1: Luis E. Fraguada and Zhang Xiaoyi
Unit 2: Ercu Gorgul and Lillie Liu
Unit 3: Immanuel Koh and Lydia Kim
Unit 4: Bittor Sanchez-Monesterio and Salto del Giorgio
Unit 5: Xu Feng and Tom Verebes

The course included lectures from Shanghai Expo planners, urban designers, expo pavilion architects, and each of the Visiting School tutors.

Topics of the briefs ranged greatly.  Rising water levels, transportation, habitation, growth, recession, etc, were each addressed by the participants through a variety of methods and tools including Rhino, Grasshopper, Maya, and Processing.

Thank you to all of the participants who worked very hard throughout the intense 10 days.