WIP: LaN Live Parameters 2010

WIP: LaN Live Parameters 2010August 24, 2010

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Images from the second day of the Live Parameters workshop being held at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IaaC). What you see here are images of the first LaN Urban Sensing Kit (working title).  This kit was designed by Felipe Pecegueiro do Amaral Curado, Oriol Carrasco, and Alba Armengol Gasull and includes a temperature sensor, light sensor, motion sensor, noise sensor, and electromagnetism sensor.  It is run by an arduino and can be used to control Grasshopper definitions through gHowl+Processing or Firefly.  Today Felipe introduced us to the sensor kit by demonstrating how to capture data into a spreadsheet through gHowl.  Tomorrow we will take the kits out into the field, measuring data from the Poble Nou area of Barcelona.  The kit will be evaluated and refined for further versions.

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