The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia Summer School has been in session since Aug 19th 2010.  This one month course is about to come to an end next week, but before we finish, we want to share some of the work in progress.  The road to this summer school began with a mutual agreement between IaaC and the Central University of Venezuela, Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism, in particular, Unidad 00 coordinated by Javier Caricatto and Cristina Von Der Heyde.  In April, Tomas Diez of Fab Lab BCN and Luis Fraguada instructed a three day workshop titled: Fab Labs and Informalism.  Over the three days, professional and student participants learned and applied associative design techniques.  The main premise of the Informalism agenda deals with recognizing informal phenomena as a type of technological aggregation, fed by necessity and intuition.  The workshop sought to introduce the technology of the Fab Labs into this mix.  Participants communicated with the Fab Lab BCN in order to fabricate their projects.

40 of the 60 participants of the initial workshop are now in Barcelona seeking to fabricate a 12m2 habitation unit titled “Rancho Digital.”  This digital housing unit seeks to merge the realities of Caracas barrios with the technology of the fab labs.  Initially, the participants were grouped according to the specific topic they would be addressing in the habitation unit.  After an initial design and fabrication phase, a massive hybridization period began where all the projects needed to communicate between each other in order to become one assembly.

The Rancho Digital is currently under construction and will be presented next Wednesday, August 11th, 2010 at IaaC.

You can follow the progress here:


– Luis Fraguada
– James Brazil
– Fabio Lopez
– Natalija Boljsakov
– Brian Miller
– Carlos Castro
– Javier Caricatto
– Cristina Von Der Heyde
– Tomas Diez