GH Shelling

GH Shelling2010/06/11

code / Grasshopper Definitions

Download: GH_Shelling.ghx

GH Version: 0.6.0059/0.7.0014

This definition takes one or more closed polysurfaces* and makes a closed polysurface shell representing the edges.  Tested on simple polysurfaces with coincident verticies.  Mix generated result with Giulio Piacentino’s Weaverbird for a smoother mesh version.

Definition tested in GH 0.6.0059 and 0.7.0014.



Ive been trying to make that voronoi base geometry and inputing it into the shell definition but for some reason the volume component is coming up with an error. Are you able to help?


Hi Luis, im trying to experiment with your definitions, and i am unable to get it to work. i think it maybe because im using GH 0.8. any ideas as how i can go about doing this?

Best regards


thank you soo much for this definition..luis……….it worked out amazingly well ….but .i tried real hard attaching polysurface to the starting component box so that voronoi will be formed in a defined polysurface…….but not able to make it .i used another definition still results were not exactly what i wanted…..anyways …..thanks again for teaching us and helping us…in gss..2013.:)…
udit (india)

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