LaN announces its third On Site Barcelona workshop August 23rd through 29th at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IaaC): Live Parameters.

One of the key elements in any associative design model is the data to which it responds.  The ‘Live Parameters’ workshop will investigate several modes for interacting with real time, real life data using a combination of existing data libraries and prefabricated sensory nodes.  The workshop will use the 22@ Innovation District in Barcelona, Spain as a data source as well as a testbed for spatial configurations generated from the recorded data.  Participants will engage these topics through Grasshopper, a generative modeling tool for McNeel’s Rhinoceros.  The workshop will work with the Fab Lab BCN for prototyping and fabrication.

LaN Directors Monika Wittig and Luis Fraguada will direct the week long seminar on associative design and production.




Fab Lab BCN
Fab Lab Bcn
is a research and production facility focused on the accumulation and application of knowledge related to creating just about anything.  Under the idea of “from the personal computer (PC) to personal fabrication (PF)” Fab Lab Bcn drives in conjunction with the Center for Bits and Atoms of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), a global network of laboratories which have the capacity to make any idea a reality using shared equipment and technologies.

The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia is a latest-generation education and research centre dedicated to the development of an architecture capable of meeting the worldwide challenges in the construction of habitability in the early 21st century. Based in the 22@ district of Barcelona, one of the world’s capitals of architecture and urbanism, the IaaC is a platform for the exchange of knowledge with faculty and students from over 25 countries, including the USA, China. India, Poland, Italy, Mexico and Sudan. Students work simultaneously on multiple scales (city, building, manufacturing) and in different areas of expertise (ecology, energy, digital manufacturing, new technologies), pursuing their own lines of enquiry on the way to developing an integrated set of skills with which to act effectively in their home country or globally.

The 22@ Barcelona project transforms two hundred hectares of industrial land of Poblenou into an innovative district offering modern spaces for the strategic concentration of intensive knowledge-based activities. This initiative is also a project of urban refurbishment and a new model of city providing a response to the challenges posed by the knowledge-based society.
It is the most important project of urban transformation of Barcelona city of the last years and one of the most ambitious of Europe of these characteristics, with a high real state potential and a 180 million Euros public investment of infrastructure plan.

Price: 595€

Registration Closes: August 1st
Workshop: August 23rd – 29th

-There are a limited number of participants accepted each year.
-Price does not include travel or accommodation.
-While LaN will not organize accommodation, we can recommend several options for participants.
-All software necessary will be made available during the workshop.

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