LaN Focus: Fabricating for Haiti

LaN invites professionals and students alike to attend a 4 day workshop (evenings + weekend) focused on research and development of temporary structures for the displaced victims of the Haiti Earthquake. Participants will learn Digital Design and Fabrication methods and later apply those methods in project proposals. The workshop will instruct participants on the use of RHINO as it pertains to digital fabrication, accompanied by lectures fully explaining the latest technology in the field. Participants will then put their knowledge to use creating proposals for digitally fabricated structures in Haiti.

LaN plans to use this workshop as a springboard for architectural relief in Haiti, with hopes of bringing new ideas about design and fabrication methods to the area. Ultimately LaN would like to gather a team of individuals willing to continue pursuing digital fabrication as it pertains to new construction possibilities in Haiti. All skill levels are encouraged to attend.


HOTEL BARCELO – $110 night / 4 person room

LaN WILL HANDLE ACCOMMODATION RESERVATIONS FOR THOSE THAT CARE TO SIGNUP AS A 4-PACK…. AT A RATE OF $220/person x 4 (accommodation & workshop fee inclusive)

*LANGUAGE OF INSTRUCTION: English with Spanish assistance

*NECESSARY SOFTWARE: all software utilized is made available for free through downloadable demo versions. Rhinoceros 3d modeling will be instructed, as well as valuable Rhino plug-ins.

Thursday March 11  6-9pm

Workshop Introduction: How Digital Fabrication Can Help Haiti

Lecture: Digital Fabrication

Rhino Training: Intro to Rhinoceros software geared towards all Rhino skill levels. Overview of Rhino nurbs and solid modeling methods + tips and tricks.

Project Assignment: Temporary housing research + digital fabrication precedents

Friday March 12  6-9pm

Lecture: Architectural geometry and its association with real world materials and fabrication methods.

Rhino Training: Preparing 3d surfaces for various 2d fabrication methods

Project Discussion: Temporary housing research presented

Housing Project: Break into teams to start work on project proposals

Saturday March 13


Lecture: CNC Milling Applications, Subtractive 3d Fabrication Methods

Rhino Training: Creating surfaces in preparation for CNC milling. Intro to RhinoCam software and its parameters


Project: Students will work on Haiti project proposals due Sunday Evening.

Individual Tutorship: LaN tutors will be available for individual questions, and project critiques.

Sunday March 14


Project:Continued work on project proposals. LaN tutors will work with teams to help create the best possible outcome.


Project: Project assembly, final layouts for presentations


*Project Review: Participants will present their projects to a design review jury. We will work as a group to discuss future possibilities and collaborations for the projects

fee to attend $99.

register via paypal