LaN Digital Fabrication and Rhino Workshop
San Juan, Puerto Rico
*December 2 – 5

location: Classes will take place in in the following location:

420 Calle San Antonio esquina Calle Sagrado Corazon, Suite 1
Santurce, Puerto Rico 00909

*tentative Digital Fabrication explorations by using the CNC machine at the Escuela de Artes Plásticas de Puerto Rico/ 10 tents 10 parameters 1

LaN invites professionals and students alike to attend a 5 day workshop covering Digital Fabrication in Architecture: from intro to advanced. Workshop will instruct on the use of RHINO as it pertains to digital fabrication (ie: rationalizing complex surfaces, preparing 3-d surfaces for various 2-d fabrication methods, creating solid models in Rhino for use with 3-d printing technology, among others). Valuable plug-ins (i.e. RhinoCAM & Grasshopper) will also be introduced and explored.  Students will leave with a comprehensive understanding of Rhino and a thorough understanding of current practices in digital fabrication.

Workshop Brief:


10 tents 10 parameters 1 parametric model

Over the span of the workshop, students will be asked to use acquired knowledge to construct a parametric tent.  Each tent will have a theme (an external parameter) such as wind, sun, water, or sand that will characterize its overall design in relation to the single parameter.  The tents will be put to the ultimate test on the final day of the workshop (Friday) where we will camp on the beach in them!

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$255 after


Flickr photo by solarthermienator

Wed Dec 02
Lecture:  Digital Fabrication

Rhino Training:  Intro to Rhinoceros software geared towards all rhino skill levels.  Overview of Rhino nurbs and solid modeling methods + rhino tips and tricks.

Lecture:  Architectural geometry and its association with real world materials and fabrication methods.

Rhino Training:  Rationalizing complex geometries in Rhino.  (make funky surfaces constructible)

Project Intro:  tenT

Thur Dec 03
Lecture:  Parametric Design and Parametric theory

Rhino Training:  Parametric design in rhino, intro to rhino history, grasshopper, and other parametric approaches and associative computer programs
Project:  Develop the parametric approach to the dwelling.

Fri Dec 04
Lecture:  Subtractive 2-d Fabrication Methods

Rhino Training:  Preparing 3-d surfaces for various 2-d fabrication methods.

Lecture:  Additive Fabrication Methods

Rhino Training:  Creating solid models in Rhino for use with 3-d printing technology.

Project:  Develop overall project geometry and fabrication method.

Sat Dec 05
Project:  Construction, fabrication, and assembly on site:

Project awards ceremony, and workshop celebration on the beach.  We will enjoy the night and camp on the beach in our dwellings.