LaN Workshop: Digital Fabrication via Rhino   SweetOnionCreations

Sponsored by Sweet Onion Creations

Bozeman, Montana
October 14-17 2009

Directed by Shane Salisbury & Monika Wittig
Questions: or 406. 212. 4758
$195 register by Oct 2
$245 register Oct 6 – 10
$295 register after Oct 10

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LaN invites professionals and students alike to attend a 4 day workshop (evenings + Saturday) <b>Digital Fabrication: from intro to advanced</b>.  Workshop will instruct on the use of RHINO as it pertains to digital fabrication (ie: rationalizing complex surfaces, preparing 3-d surfaces for various 2-d fabrication methods, creating solid models in Rhino for use with 3-d printing technology, among others). Valuable  plug-ins (i.e. RhinoCAM & Grasshopper) will also be introduced and explored.

The workshop is sponsored by Sweet Onion Creations.  Participants will be privileged to learn of valuable tips from 3d printing industry professionals.

Workshop further will feature daily lectures pertaining to a range of digital fabrication aspects– machining processes, CNC equipment, precedents, parametric thinking, parametric modeling,  advanced geometry & collaborative design platforms.

This workshop is intended for all levels– those with no Rhino experience will gain a working understanding of the program and a vast overview of its compatibility and potential to design in parallel with CNC technologies. Those with prior RHINO experience will be able to take their understanding far beyond basics of modeling to precision modeling, integration with CAM, parametric realms, real world examples, & output to 3dprinting / CNC milling.  All will realize how to instrumentally drive design intentions via congruence with machining processes.

Wednesday Oct 14
Rhino Training:  Intro to Rhinoceros software geared towards all Rhino skill levels.  Overview of Rhino nurbs and solid modeling methods +  tips and tricks. Rhino Training:  Preparing 3d surfaces for various 2d fabrication methods

Thursday Oct 15 6-9pm
Lecture:  Additive Fabrication Methods – Jake Cook (Sweet Onion Creations) on 3D printing
Rhino Training:  Creating solid models in Rhino for use with 3d printing technology

Friday Oct 16 6-9pm
Downtown Public Lecture:  Digital Fabrication
Rhino Session: Finalizing 3dprint files / troubleshooting

Saturday Oct 17
Lecture:  Architectural geometry and its association with real world materials and fabrication methods.
Rhino Training:  Rationalizing complex geometries in Rhino

Lecture:  Subtractive 3d Fabrication Methods
Rhino Training:  Creating surfaces in preparation for CNC milling.  Intro to RhinoCam software and its parameters

Lecture:  Parametric Design
Rhino Training:  Parametric design in rhino, intro to rhino history, grasshopper, and other parametric approaches / associative software

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