LaN co-director, Luis Fraguada, has been invited by the Department of Architecture at the University of Oulu to lecture and instruct a workshop the the upcoming International Seminar of Algorithmic Architecture: Generate.  The seminar is hosted Algoritminen Architecture Working Group, composed of Oulu University students and young architects.  The seminar will take place on October 30th 2009 at the University of Oulu, Finland.  In addition to discussions by the Algoritminen Architecture Working group, international lecturers include:

Luis Fraguada, Spain

Michael Hensel, Germany

David Serero, France

Martin Tamke, Denmark

Markus Wikar, Finland

To register, contact register (at) For full registration details, visit the registration page of the Generate Seminar website (English Version // Original Finnish Version)

For more information, visit the Generate Seminar Website