[flickr 84952594@N00 72157622025284933] LaN OnSite Barcelona v2 workshops concluded with composite fabrication processes and associative design production. Participants joined a two phase / six module workshop series that immersed them in contemporary digital design and fabrication techniques. McNeel Rhinoceros was the base platform for all design and parameterization. Through the Grasshopper plugin for Rhino, participants were able to create an interactive design worksfow which integrated the machining processes necessary to produce their designs. Other tools such as RhinoNest by TDM Solutions and RhinoCam by Mecsoft were explored during the ‘Digital Fabrication’ module. The entire workshop was hosted at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalunya. All of the fabrication for the OnSite BCN workshop was done through the FabLabBCN. LaN partners Shane Salisbury and Luis E. Fraguada instructed the two week workshop series. The following images and videos highlight one design chosen for production during the ‘Machining Processes’ seminar.