The following selected projects are the result of the second Parametric Design seminar which took place at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalunya [IaaC] in the third term of the 2008-2009 class.  The seminar, taught by LaN co-director Luis E. Fraguada, focused on developing prototypes which synthesized research studio and seminar work into one proposal.  Facilitating all of this was the associative/generative modeller: Grasshopper. There was quite a variety of work produced and the manner which Grasshopper was used was equally as varied.  Students used Grasshopper not just for developing an associative model, but also as a way to organize fabrication logics, outputting G-Code for experimental prototypes, and as an interactive tool to test material performance. Below you will find a selection of images taken from the final submissions. To see the full content of the final submission, go to each student’s blog.  All prototypes were produced at Fab Lab BCN with the guidance of Tomas Diez, project manager of the Fab Lab BCN.

Student Name / contact Project Title Digital Prototype Physical Prototype GH Tree
Iwona Borkowska | Blog Expanded Wood Surface slide11 slide15 slide12
Nasreen Al Tamimi | Blog Semi-Reciprocal Weave semi-reciprocal-weave_page_7 semi-reciprocal-weave_page_8 semi-reciprocal-weave_page_4
Karolina Kurzak | Blog Dune-Like Deformation kkk_-dune-like-deformation_booklet_page_09 kkk_-dune-like-deformation_booklet_page_10 kkk_-dune-like-deformation_booklet_page_04
Gawel Tyrala | Blog Dome Dune gawel ppd_booklet_page_22 ppd_booklet_page_09
Josiah Barnes + Raquel Gallego | Blog Associating Phylotaxis final-parametric-design-pdf_page_4 final-parametric-design-pdf_page_7 final-parametric-design-pdf_page_5
Cesar Cruz | Blog Research Studio Prototype cesar-gh-final_page_3 p5130137 cesar-gh-final_page_5
Pablo Rica | Blog Compact compact_final_090504pablorica_page_3 compact_final_090504pablorica_page_8_sm compact_final_090504pablorica_page_5
Maciej Kasper | contact | Blog Parametric Puzzle Joint maciej-kasper-burdalski-parametric-design_page_5 maciej-kasper-burdalski-parametric-design_page_6 maciej-kasper-burdalski-parametric-design_page_3

To see the class blog, please visit:

Being that the final proposal was a synthesis of several seminars and studios taught in the third term at IaaC, credit must be given to those seminars and studios which include:

Experimantal Fabrication: Home-Made CNC // Faculty: Marta Malé-Alemany // Workshop Faculty: Jeroen van Ameijde / Michael Grau

Internet 0 // Faculty: Victor Viña

Solar House // Faculty: Rodrigo Rubio and Daniel Ibañez

Experimental Structures // Faculty: Florian Foerster

Advanced Materials

Research Studio 1 // Faculty: Willy Muller // Assistant Faculty: Maite Bravo

Research Studio 2 // Faculty: Vicente Guallart // Assistant Faculty: Areti Markopoulou, Luis Fraguada

Research Studio 3// Faculty: Marta Malé-Alemany // Assistant Faculty: Francisca Aroso