LaN is now engaged in SESSION 2 of MSU’s Visiting Scholar Studio, [WIND]STUDIO. LaN director Monika WIttig is on-site in Bozeman OCT 5 – OCT 18.


Session 01 ran with a focus on ‘TOOLS’ –exploring designs capable of interacting in extreme contexts (driven by GRASSHOPPER, a parametric plug-in for RHINO). Session 02 moves the exploration INDOORS. INDOORS… where the is no wind… therefore the studio must now create the dynamics.

This second phase of [WIND]STUDIO has as it’s overall focus COLLABORATIVE PLATFORMS of DIGITAL DESIGN + FABRICATION. Previously organized into 4 groups, the studio is now being asked to consider themselves as ONE GROUP with perhaps four realms of specialties. One of the most fundamental shifts occurring as a result of new digital platforms is the ability for projects to develop via COLLABORATION as opposed to COMPROMISE.

As an introductory basis, studio participants have been referred to AD MAGAZINE’S issue entitled, COLLECTIVE INTELLIGENCE in Design. Choosing an article or two of preference, participants have been asked to comment on new, noteworthy & points of contention.