Mariano Arias-Diez leads the design teams at a10studio, his focus on materials, technology and sustainability is supported through a model of working that combines practice, teaching and research.

He holds a Master in Advance Architecture (M.Arch.) from the Advance Architecture Institute of Catalonia (IaaC), with a specialization in digital fabrication, and a Bachelors from UNUM University in Mexico. He also studied architecture in institutions like The Architectural Association in London (under Prof. Neri Oxman), and the RIEA: Research Institute for Experimental Architecture in NY (under Prof. Lebbeus Woods).

Prior to founding a10studio he worked in internationally acclaimed offices such as: Rojkind Architects (Mexico City), Guallart Architects (Barcelona), SadarVuga Arhitekti (Ljubljana), among others.

His work has been exhibited in Mexico City, New York, London, Rotterdam, Ljubljana, and Dubrovnik.