Biennial Pavilion – Steam (STEM + Art) Day Presented by Lockheed Martin and United Launch Alliance

JULY 15 @ 10:00 AM6:00 PM

| Free

Come early for coffee, or join us for happy hour or any time in-between to hear how a few experts, artists, and practitioners are defining the intersection of science, technology and the arts.

  • 10:00 to 10:50  Poetry and Performance Cafe Opening: The Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art (BMOCA) will open its Biennial cafe.  Artists, curators, scientists, and technologists will discuss projects working at the intersections of art, science, and technology.


  • Sarabeth Berk*, Innovation Program Manager-Imaginarium at Denver Public Schools and Co-Founder of Hive Denver – Facilitator 
  • Jeff Merkel, Artist, Signal to Noise
  • Wendy Nkomo, Chief Operating Officer, Colorado Technology Association
  • Francisco  Alvarado-Juarez, Artist at the Denver Art Museum’s Aqua-Terra/Terra-Aqua installation
  • Monika Wittig, Director and Co-Founder, Live Architecture Network