Mike Silver | AutomasonMP3 release

Image courtesy of Mike Silver: Dhaka Office Block project for Bangladesh. Building designed using AMP3 software. Programmers: Eric Maslowski, Yee Peng Chia and Chipp Jansen

Funding and project support: Dave Sovinsky of The International Masonry Institute, Cornell University AAP, The Pratt Institute School of Architecture, Yale University, The New York State Council on the Arts, Taubman College of Architecture, University of Michigan, and The Boston Society of Architects.

Mike Silver announces the release of AutomasonMP3, the first fully functional, open source, design and construction software developed from scratch by architects and programmers for architects and masons. The completion of this tool marks the shift in our discipline away from appropriated software and scripting to the development of fully blown, architect inspired applications. (AutomasonMP3 allows designers to create complex masonry structures without the need for elaborate paper documentation. The software generates error reducing MP3, audio files for hands free, potable music players used by craftsmen in the field.) It is my hope that the release of AutomasonMP3 will inspire designers to create their own “home made” tools from the ground up and to adopt core programming skills in architectural practice and pedagogy.

Upcoming lectures by Mike Silver:

AA |  London  March 10, 2009
Royal Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture | Copenhagen  March 13, 2009
IaaC | Barcelona  March 16, 2009

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For your free copy of AutomaonMP3 and associated plug-ins go to: http://drop.io/automason

Please note that the code is open source and can be changed according to the needs of the user.  Please feel free to write regarding desired changes, ideas for upgrades or new functions.

Note: Instructions for the use of the software can be found on YouTube >>

Image below courtesy of Mike Silver: The San Jose State University Museum of Art and Design, (Competition Entry). Building designed using AMP3 software.Programmers: Eric Maslowski, Yee Peng Chia and Chipp Jansen