LaN curates experiences led by international minds & designed for a range of multidisciplinary participants seeking to integrate digital design strategies with physical production technologies.

//   forwarding distributed & diverse design education and practice

//   fed by advancing technologies in digital design + fabrication

LaN approaches architectural development through interdisciplinary collaborations enabled by digital design + fabrication. LaN recognizes the power of digital fabrication, not merely a toolset of a high technical caliber, but as the driver of particular groupings of resources-- an organization of human, economic and material assets-- varying widely with project circumstances. LaN's mode of operation is parametric in nature and seeks to re-associate architecture with a flexible, collaborative, data-rich and human-oriented practice of design.

LaN explores increasingly digital modes driving greater physicality. With a hand-hold in Boulder, Colorado, LaN has been active in 18 countries since 2008 seeking to enable increasingly customized and diverse curated models of education.