Heider Alward

  • "Grasshopper is not a simple software, however it’s not impossible to learn and even to excel at it if you are to be introduced to it properly. Last year I had attended the LAN course and it was extremely beneficial to my understanding to the software. At the time I knew few basic principles and did not know how to use Rhino either. Today I use Rhino and Grasshopper extensively in my design process at work. LaN has a number of talented members with a wide experience and a very good understanding of the software. I would recommend this course to those who want to explore new design ideas and expand their software skills. Parametric design is really fun and once you get to design this way you will most probably never go back to the old ways. Visit my YouTube channel for some Grasshopper works that I do now."
    Heider Alward, Architectural Designer at Forrec Ltd. // TORONTO

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